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Penn's Hardwood Blend (6") - 8lbs.

Penn's Hardwood Blend (6") - 8lbs.

Sawed After presents a new Tiny Timber product: Penn's Hardwood Blend.


These Mini Splits are carefully crafted to enhance your fireside experience. This premium blend combines the rich flavors of Cherry, Oak and Hickory wood. Each piece is nominally cut into 1″-1.5″ thick by 5″-6″ long, ensuring optimal burn time and heat intensity. We hand-pack every box and fill it to the brim. 


Whether you’re firing up your pizza oven, grilling your favorite meats, or enjoying a cozy table-top campfire, Penn’s Hardwood Blend delivers exceptional performance and mouthwatering aromas. Ignite your taste buds and elevate your outdoor cooking with this premium wood blend, expertly designed to bring out the best with every burn.


  • Made in the USA, from North American Hardwood Trees sourced from Pennsylvania forests.
  • Sustainably sourced timber from our forestry partners.
  • 5-6" inch long pieces of Cherry, Oak and Hickory.
  • Cut to perfect length for Mesa XL stoves (approximately 6-8 hours of burn time per box).
  • Chemical free, natural wood safe for cooking.
  • Kiln Dried to achieve optitmal moisture content.
  • Box is 576 cubic inches (12x8x6) which weighs on average 8 pounds. We make them as full as possible and hand pack to minimize voids. 


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    $28.99Sale Price
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