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Tiny Timbers (3.5") - 8 lbs.

Tiny Timbers (3.5") - 8 lbs.

Hand-packed box filled to the brim with our premium kiln dried hardwood. Each Tiny Timber is cut to a length of 3.5 to 4 inches, making it the perfect size for many wood burning appliances. We primarily seek out Oak and Hickory, but most boxes also contains a mix of Birch and Poplar. We like this combination since they are all hardwood species that provide greater BTUs compared to "softwoods", such as Pine and Cedar. It is for this reason that smokeless fire pits prefer hardwood - the longer lasting high temperatures allow the smokeless stove to function at its very best.


  • Made in the USA, from North American Hardwood Trees. 
  • Sustainably sourced and Up-Cycled.
  • 3.5-4 inch long pieces of Oak, Hickory, Birch, Poplar.
  • Cut to perfect length for Mesa stoves (approximately 6-8 hours of burn time per box)
  • Chemical free and natural wood safe for cooking
  • Box is 576 cubic inches (12x8x6) which weighs on average 8 pounds. We make them as full as possible and hand pack to minimize voids. 



  • Tiny and Proud

    Our wood comes from reliable, local craftsmen who work with the finest pieces of hardwood to come out of a kiln. Once ripsawn, the wood is used for high-end custom floors and cabinetry. What's leftover from this craft is what we came to know as the Tiny Timber. We rigorously check the moisture content of the Tiny Timber stock yard to ensure a range between 5-13%. We enjoy using this wood in our stoves and charcoal grills, and want to share it with fellow hardwood enthusiasts. Afterall, there is nothing better than the natural smoke aroma of a hardwood fire - no matter the size. 

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